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Hi, I am Vidya and I am the owner of A Writer’s Safari – a place focussed on finding you genuine work from home opportunities, a simple resource for all those who aim to build an online career you are passionate about.

Story Of This Site

Deciding to quit my corporate job was not easy. The road ahead looked scary and I did not have any clear plan to follow. All I cared about was never having to work in a cubicle again and a fierce determination to only choose a career path I am passionate about.

I loved to write and decided to take the plunge as a freelance writer. It was hard, as there are very few companies that pay writers, who do not have English as their native language. I was running out cash and I chose to look at other available online options.

Somewhere during my seemingly endless search to find that one perfect job for me, I met a lot of fabulous individuals, who have built successful careers online. Inspired by these amazing people, I re-doubled my efforts to find more legitimate online opportunities. And that is when I realized I really enjoy finding ways to earn online income. I would love to share all that I learn here so that hopefully it may help someone earn a living from the comforts of their home.

By the time I armed myself with all the material to build this site and carried out experiments with few gigs, I was almost broke. But I was happy. What kept me going was the thought of being my own boss and the thrill of building a career I love, that gives me the financial freedom to power through my travel bucket list. This is my journey, my safari…and it has been totally worth it.


My ultimate goal is to inspire newcomers to build a genuine, flexible, and work-from-anywhere career. For those looking for ways to earn extra income, you have landed at the right place, friend.

After launching the blog in 2016, I took a brief hiatus to work on a couple of work at home online jobs. Here, I share my experiments as well as failed attempts to help you make the right choice for yourself.

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