Beginner’s Guide: Writing For Revenue Sharing Sites

I was a bit skeptical when I first heard the term ‘Revenue-Sharing’. I thought it was something super-complicated that might burn all of my brain cells to figure out.

Thankfully, it just means exactly as it is termed – Revenue Sharing sites are platforms where you can write articles of your choice and they will pay you a share of the revenue generated through those articles.

How To Write For Revenue Share Sites

How Does This Work?

Many of these platforms generate revenue through ad programs while others share income generated through the number of views on your articles.

Revenue sharing sites have ads that either pop up while viewers read your article and most have ads placed alongside your article. If viewers click on these ads and make a purchase, the site generates income, a portion of which is then shared with you.

Another method of revenue generation is affiliate links. Affiliate companies find the right kind of ad links to be placed alongside your articles and help you earn a commission whenever a viewer purchases a product through those affiliate links.

Pros of Writing For Revenue Sharing Sites

  • Provides plenty of opportunities to build your portfolio
  • Articles written can be used as writing samples for potential clients
  • Showcases your creative talent and can be used to steadily make improvements to your writing quality to increase traffic
  • Provides a flexible working schedule and you can also work from anywhere
  • You can write on any topics that you want. Your blog may be niche specific and there might be topics you are interested in that are unrelated to your blog theme. You can publish these here
  • Easy to use interface with options like media or polls to make your article more interesting. The site will do the backend work for you while you focus on high-quality content
  • Few of these sites offer visibility to your personal blog or website. Sites with good credibility and an interactive following also help you drive traffic to your blog

Cons of Writing For Revenue Sharing Sites

  • The pay initially will be little and there is no guarantee that you will earn ‘x’ amount of income every time
  • Your earnings can dip invariably and I do not recommend them as using them as your only source of income
  • These sites will take a lot of time and work to get established first
  • You may need 1000s of views and 100s of articles to actually generate some revenue and increasing traffic to earn more is a definite uphill task
  • If the site shuts down, you will lose all of your work and the hours you put in perfecting your articles could be a total waste

Tips That Could Beat Few Cons

Do not be demotivated. The pros outweigh the cons here. The following tips could help you in the initial phase of joining revenue share sites:

  1. Figure out your goal first. What is it that you want to achieve using these sites? Build a plan accordingly
  2. Don’t just choose random topics for the sake of submitting something. Choose popular topics that draw attention
  3. Research the heck out of your topic. Your readers should tag you as an expert in that niche
  4. Place keywords strategically throughout your piece if possible. At least use keywords in your headings, first paragraph, and last paragraph (This might not work for all)
  5. Write a fantastic heading. Remember, headings pull in more viewers who might be potential clients
  6. Write original and helpful content that serves a purpose
  7. Learn about traffic generation and analyze what works for your articles
  8. Be consistent in producing content. Write 2 articles a week for at least 2 sites initially
  9. Market your article in all possible mediums approved by the site. Promote your work and build a strong following

 Which Revenue Share Sites Should You Choose?

Now that you know what you can expect and what actions you can take to be successful, how do you know which site to write for?

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind while choosing your revenue share site(s):

  • Write for well-reputed sites that have an established platform. This beats having to create your own website and then worrying about every nook and corner of your website
  • Choose businesses that have strong credibility and already have good traffic comparatively. Many of such sites have a strong marketing campaign of their own
  • Sites that have an active community and staff that provide prompt support to its writers
  • Interactive discussion amongst group members and an equally engaged audience
  • Sites that offer multiple earning opportunities and programs

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It is essential to be realistic about what you believe you will earn on these sites. These writing platforms provide passive income and mostly are used as an additional means to supplement pocket money. The more you write, the more revenue you will generate. All you need is the right amount of patience and provide content with excellent quality.

I hope I have covered most of it.

If you have any stories to share about your experience with revenue sharing writing sites, I would love to hear from you in the comment section.

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