Authentic Apps That Pay To Watch Videos

If I am not reading, I spend most of my free time browsing through random YouTube videos and binge-watching TV shows. If only I knew that I could have been making some extra pennies doing exactly that!

It is true. You can boost your earning potential by watching videos on your mobile device. Mostly, this includes watching ads and videos provided by market research companies. There is hardly any work or time involved.

So, have some spare time to kill? Here is a list of 28 mobile apps that pay to watch videos. As great as it sounds, do keep in mind that these apps will not generate a whole lot of money and may not be available worldwide.

Get Paid To Watch Videos With These Apps

28 Apps That Pay To Watch Videos

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks rewards you with free GCs and cash for you to shop, answer surveys and watch entertaining videos on their mobile app. They are one of the most popular reward sites open to many countries and various reward options. Possibly open worldwide.

2. Inboxdollars

You earn $5 for signing up at InboxDollars. Apart from watching videos, you have the option to read emails, take surveys and fill out offers. Download their app for your device and start earning. Possibly open worldwide.

3. Pinecone Research

Download their app from Google Play and watch ads or answer few surveys that have video content. The first 300 points are automatically redeemed as a check. You have the option to cash out through PayPal later. Open to UK and US only.

4. GlobalTestMarket

GlobalTestMarket offers market research surveys that sometimes includes video content. You can download their app and receive notifications for new surveys and offer your opinion after watching new movie trailers. The payout is not very high though. Possibly open worldwide.

5. MySurvey

MySurvey app helps you receive notifications for new surveys that may include videos. You are expected to provide your honest opinion and to redeem, you can browse through various options like GCs, PayPal and other products. Open to many countries.

6. CashCrate

CashCrate is a legitimate site where you can redeem free GCs and PayPal cashout. Tasks include answering surveys and watch entertaining videos on their mobile app. Their minimum payout is $20. Possibly open worldwide.

7. EarningStation

Complete online activities like watching videos, playing games, taking surveys and get paid through their numerous GC options. On registering with any of their partner sites, you will receive a registration bonus. Earn $0.02 for every 10 videos. Not open worldwide.

Note: I am unable to open the main page, possibly because it is unavailable in my country. Try typing the URL manually –

8. MyPoints

This is mostly a cashback site where you shop from a retailer and they earn a commission. You now have the option to watch playlists as well as individual videos. Payment is through GCs and online certificates or cash out through PayPal. Not open worldwide.

9. Viggle

App is available for iOS and Android devices. My research shows Viggle as the most recommended phone app for that lets you earn watching videos. You can watch TV shows and earn points per minute of watching videos. Not open worldwide.

10. Slidejoy

Download the app from Google Play. Slidejoy pays you to watch ads, Youtube and other videos that are displayed when you unlock your phone by swiping left or right. You can redeem points through PayPal or GCs and also can donate to charity. Possibly open worldwide.

11. Checkpoints

Earn points for watching videos, scanning barcodes and completing other tasks. The payout is through Gcs. Possibly open worldwide.

12. AppTrailers

Earn points for watching trailers and uploading videos. Choose various GCs to redeem your points. Trailers may be of new music videos, movies and of new apps. The earning potential does not seem to be much though. Possibly open worldwide.

13. Nielsen Mobile Panel

The main purpose of the app is to study how consumers use mobile devices by monitoring daily activities. Check on their site of your mobile qualifies and join. They offer points worth $50 a year. Open to US only.

14. National Consumer Panel

App is available for Android and iOS devices. App tracks user’s shopping habits but also sends video surveys for ad campaigns. It was earlier known as Nielsen Homescan Consumer Panel. Open to US and Canada only.


You earn points for each Perk TV trailer video. Points can be redeemed for PayPal cash, Amazon, and other GCs. Open to US, UK, CA, and AU and possibly India.

16. Rewardable

You need to complete simple tasks in the assigned area to earn points. You get to answer surveys, watch videos and complete offers for pay. Forms of pay are PayPal and GCs. Not open worldwide.

17. Nielsen Digital Voice

The purpose of the app is to measure tv viewing habits on your computer or mobile. It will run in the background as you go about streaming tv shows and other videos on your device. They offer points worth $50 a year. Open to multiple countries.

18. GrabPoints

Grabpoints has an attractive layout and has a wide variety of tasks like watch videos, complete offers, download apps, answer surveys, play games and so on. Make sure you check in regularly on the site as you could lose your points if inactive for a certain period of time. You can cash it through PayPal or redeem points as GCs. Possibly open worldwide.

19. Points2Shop

Complete surveys and offers, watch videos, play games and shop online to earn points. You may need a credit card to complete certain offers like shopping online. Membership is free and you can redeem your points using GCs, game cards or withdraw your cash online. UK, CA and US only.

20. Instant Rewards

A credit card is required to complete certain offers. You get paid through PayPal or Bank Check. Reviews indicate that surveys and watching videos are the easiest way to make money. Regardless of video length, you get paid $.01 cent per video. UK, CA, Australia and US only.

21. MediaInsiders

The app runs in the background and the collected data is used for research analysis. The app identifies sounds from TV programs or ads you watch. You also get bonus points for being an active member for 12 consecutive weeks. Points can be redeemed for GCs, e-certificates and cash. US only.

22. AppNana

You may not earn much watching videos on AppNana. The popular way to earn seems to be downloading apps. Their points can be used to redeem GCs and PayPal. Apart from, videos and downloading apps, you can also complete surveys to earn points. Possibly open worldwide.

23. Adfun

It is a mobile platform that pays you virtual currency to engage with advertisers to complete tasks. You can use these to bid on expensive items in their bidding rooms and team auctions. It is available for iOS and Android devices for now. Reviews show video pay is lesser when compared to other apps of the same genre. Possibly open worldwide.

24. CashPirate

Earn rewards for watching videos and completing tasks like surveys and trying free apps. You earn points in the form of Pirate Coins and redeem them through PayPal, Amazon or other GCs. Possibly open worldwide.

25. Qustodian

You can download this optional app and opt to only receive messages or interactions from businesses that interests you. They pay you a percentage of the net revenue received from brands and retailers to communicate and interact with you. Payment can be transferred to your bank or PayPal account. UK and Spain only.

26. Earnhoney

Apart from watching videos and answering surveys, you can also earn points sending them a photo/video of yourself and your HoneyDollar$ Store Reward. Pay is through PayPal and other rewards like GCs. I found the app for Android only. Maybe they will upgrade to other OS versions later. UK, CA and US only.

27. Yoolotto

It is one of the lesser known apps that pays you watch premium ads similar to PerkTV. But, YooLotto actually is a lottery mobile app. You can get paid few cents by simply checking in on a daily basis. Pay is through Amazon GC or PayPal. There have been technical glitches reported by users. Possibly open worldwide.

28. Tapporo

This is a lesser known money making app that pays you to complete tasks like watching videos and downloading free apps. You get to redeem your points for Amazon GCs, PayPal and other rewards. There are mixed reviews on late payments and glitches impacting app performance though. But this is a legit app and there are plenty of good reviews from members who have not faced any glitches. It is rated 4 out of 5 on Google play with 500 thousand downloads. Possibly open worldwide.


Alright! That should give you a comfortable headstart!

I would recommend joining multiple sites and using the referral option that many of these apps offer to maximize your earning potential. I did find few more apps that offer cash to watch videos but the reviews weren’t that great. So, excluded them from the list above.

I will be doing an in-depth review on the apps I use and add the links to the post for you to read. In the meantime, use your free time to earn some extra cash by viewing ads and videos. Hope you enjoyed the post!

C’ ya all next week with more ways to earn income online 🙂

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