August’17 Online Income Report

My Second Blog And Online Income Report

What a month! Game Of Thrones Season 7 mania took up most of my time and imagination. But I still managed to put in 8 hrs a day with little effort.

This is my second freelance income report. Let’s do a quick recap for Aug’17, shall we?

Goals For August’17

  1. Improve Lionbridge performance – Complete more tasks – Win
  2. uTest courses- not a priority. Think I have enough to-do for the month. But it will stay on this list – N/A. I did receive few project invites. Filled questionnaires and waiting for their response.
  3. Testing jobs – as and when invited – Win
  4. Survey series- ongoing – Fail I joined few more sites as well. Will do a new case study for these
  5. Reduce post writing time by half without compromising on quality – I did just 1 post last month and that took less time. But I cannot call this a win as this was not a WAH post. Those take research and time. So carrying it forward
  6. Create 10 pins per post – Win 
  7. Double blog stats when compared to last month – Fail – Results are same as last month
  8. Comment on 10 blogs per week – Did this 3 weeks for the month. Calling it a Win 
  9. Focus on Blog Growth Plan Month#2 – EPIC FAIL

Other Stuff:

  • Promoted my pins every alternate day
  • Added 50 pins every day. This improved my Pinterest profile. I really enjoy doing this
  • Spent 54 hrs reading up on new jobs
  • Segregated my 12-month worth of blog topics into weekly and monthly posts
  • Created a 12-month newsletter plan

Posts Published Last Month:

How To Rock Time Management When You Work At Home

Mistakes I Made

  1. Cramming too much into my to-do list. I break these down into weekly goals and there is hardly any breathing space. That’s damn stressful
  2.  Not prioritizing stuff -It is not just important to put in the required hrs but to actually do things that are more important first. For example, I spent time creating10 images each for all my old posts but then spent just a few hrs writing 1 new post. Why? No time. I should have used that time to write new posts. Images can be done later
  3. Not honoring my own schedule – I have set time for each activity but I tend to move things up and down which in turn pushes tasks that are supposed to be done first. For example, Lionbridge

How Much Did I Make?

First Online Income: $62

Source: Search Engine Evaluation

I could have made more. Since we need to put in just 20 hrs a week, I ended up trying to meet weekly goals towards the end of the week. Goals were met faster than expected but I did not pitch in for 20 hrs. This was definitely a miss from my end.

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My Second Month Blog Report

For the record, I LOVE PINTEREST. It is such a cool, easy to use platform crucial for all bloggers. I promoted my posts every alternate day.

Blog stats are almost the same as Jul’17. I can only attribute this to writing a single blog post.

I will not be monetizing this blog till I have written a good number of helpful posts on online work at home jobs. All my blog ideas have been divided into monthly posts for a year. I will focus more on writing posts this month.

Blog performance for the second month has not been good. Once I started reading up on email marketing techniques, I realized that each item on my to-do list is actually a very broad category on its own.

Pinterest activity has doubled and tripled when compared to Jul’17.

  • Traffic from Pinterest: 76.4%
  • Increase from Jul’17: 25.5%

Month#7 Challenge

  • 12 Safari posts
  • Create 10 pins per new post
  • Reduce post writing time by half
  • Comment on 10 blogs per week
  • Apply to testing sites

Blog Goal Month#3 – Sep’17

September’17 is a festival month. Celebrating this festive season in style with family. Basically a holiday month. So, work will be impacted.  As I am already way behind, I will try to catch up on what I missed last month (which is quite a lot). Sep’17 blog plan from my 6 months plan is going to be ignored.

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