Get Paid To Write For Revenue Share Sites

Writing for revenue sharing sites has become a lucrative source of income for many online freelancers.

Writers who work on these platforms do not need to be concerned about the nitty-gritty aspects of owning a blog. You can also write about a wide variety of topics that will, in turn, generate passive income for you.

Revenue Sharing Sites That Pay Writers

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Best Revenue Share Sites To Write For

The concept is simple- You write articles on Revenue Sharing Sites. These articles generate revenue through different programs offered by the site and this income is split between the site owners and you. Split % varies from site to site.

The sites I have mentioned below are all active at this time, have been around for years, are open worldwide and have favorable reviews from users.


A giant among its peers, Hubpages has been around since 2006. You need to associate a PayPal account with them and also a Google AdSense Id to participate in the ad program offered. Those who do not have an AdSense account can apply after publishing 10 articles on Hubpages.

Topics: Almost anything

Generates income through: Earnings and Ad programs, Affiliate links

Revenue Shared: 60%

Writer Town

This site has received raving reviews about its ease of use, major benefits it offers its members and for having resources that could guide every freelancer out there. Payment is made through PayPal. There is a small registration fee while applying to avail the full benefits of the site.

Topics: Writing, blogging, and freelance ways to make money

Generates income through: Ads, Affiliate links, Writing gigs

Revenue Shared: 100%


Infobarrel, a content publishing site that has been around since 2008, has an active audience and ranks high on trust by its users. The site pays through PayPal. The moderators have a very strict standard for quality and anything below their standards will not be accepted.

Topics: Almost anything

Generate income through: IB Ads System

Revenue Shared: 75%

Daily Two Cents

This revenue sharing site is based on WordPress. There are certain guidelines you need to follow for all posts. Moreover, you also need to present samples of your writing talent before you are allowed to post.

Topics: Almost anything

Generates income through: Google AdSense, Amazon contextual links, Chitika and other programs

Revenue Shared: 75%


A sister site to DTC. The site is built in the same format as Daily Two Cents.

Topics: Almost anything

Generate income through: Google AdSense, Amazon contextual links, Chitika and other programs

Revenue Shared: 75%


Redgage is not strictly for writers. They pay you for your social activities on sites like FB, Youtube and also for high-quality blog posts, videos etc. It allows you to build a strong online presence and promotes your work. Pay is through Redgage cards that can be used anywhere that accepts Visa.

Content: Any blog content, media, web links, docs

Generates income through: Page views and popularity

Revenue Shared: Could not find this data on their site but there are plenty of people who claim to have been paid. I will update this when I find it


Wizzley (looks like it was founded in 2011) already gets a decent amount of traffic and they have moderators who perform strict quality checks on your content. They prefer original content like all other platforms but with an extra focus on removing duplicate content at all costs.

Topics: Not everything is accepted. You can find more about this on their site

Generates income through: Ad income through Google AdSense, Amazon links, Chitika, eBay, Zazzle etc

Revenue Shared: 50%-60%

How much can you earn using revenue sharing sites?

There is no definite answer to this. The pay will ultimately depend upon the time and work you are willing to put in. You may need 1000s of views per 100s of articles to actually start earning well.

Have realistic expectations regarding what you may be able to earn. Continuously produce content that is meticulously researched and has supreme quality at all times. Since the pay varies from time to time, it is not advisable to use revenue sharing sites as your only source of income. They may come in handy in the long run, but initially, the earnings will be pretty low.

To know more about how to optimize your articles on revenue sharing sites, read my above-mentioned post.

If you feel there are other sites that are extremely popular and value-add that ought to be mentioned on this list, do leave your comments below.

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