25+ Amazing Companies That Pay To Test Websites

I heard about website testing only about a couple of months back. I applied to few of them and I totally love it. This interesting side hustle has gained a lot of popularity over a short period of time.

What is website testing all about?

All you need to do is help various companies improve their websites/product by testing its usability and providing useful feedback. You may be required to download a screen recorder to your device to record your activity.

The pay per test is pretty decent too and guess what? Most of these companies hire people from all over the world.

Get Paid To Test Website Usability

Sounds simple enough? Here are 25+ terrific companies you can apply to test their websites from the comfort of your home.

1. UserTesting

One of the most popular sites for testers to earn few bucks quickly by offering your opinion about websites. This site has really good reviews and is regular in sending invites. Be quick to pick up tests as soon as you are alerted.

  • Requirements: PC/Mac, Microphone
  • Payment mentioned on the site: $10 per 20-min video
  • Payment method: PayPal
  • Open to: Worldwide

2. Whatusersdo

Voice your opinion and complete a series of tasks that help clients improve their website. The better you perform, the more eligible you are for more test invites.

  • Requirements: PC/tablet, Microphone, Webcam
  • Payment mentioned on the site: £/$/€ 5 per test
  • Payment method: PayPal
  • Open to: France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States and maybe few others

3. TryMyUI

This site involves both website usability and app tests. Also, you will need to write a short wrap-up survey. I received a detailed and encouraging feedback from them on how I performed on my entry test. They tell you how to improve your work.

  • Requirements: PC, Mobile, Microphone
  • Payment mentioned on the site: $10 per test
  • Payment method: PayPal
  • Open to: Worldwide

4. Userlytics

Userlytics allows its clients to not only hear the tester’s opinion/suggestions about the website and app but also to review their expressions.

  • Requirements: Microphone, Webcam, Mac  OS 10.7.3 or newer, Windows 7 or newer, latest version of Java
  • Payment mentioned on the site: Not mentioned. But reviews from members on the web shows $10 per test
  • Payment method: PayPal
  • Open to: Worldwide

5. Enroll

No need of a microphone or a webcam here. Give feedback by answering few queries per test. The tests are short and quick. Tests can be taken on mobile, desktop, tablets etc.

  • Requirements: PC, Mobile (noted as coming soon)
  • Payment mentioned on the site: Amount not mentioned but reviews show 10 cents per super short tests. More pay depends on the test I guess. You may not make big money on this one but positive reviews from members
  • Payment method: PayPal
  • Open to: Worldwide

6. Userfeel

Tests are about 10-20 min long. Perform tasks and voice your thoughts out loud to get paid. You are rated in your initial test and then rated by clients on paid tests. If your rating is good, there is a high possibility of receiving more test invites.

  • Requirements: Windows/Mac computer, Microphone, Win 7 or newer
  • Payment mentioned on the site: $10 per test
  • Payment method: PayPal
  • Open to: Worldwide

7. Userzoom

Get paid to test prototypes, web based & mobile applications and websites. Registration for testers takes you to a page called Intellizoom. The site was known earlier as YouEye and its user-testing panel is known as Intellizoom.

  • Requirements: Microphone, Webcam, Desktop/Laptop/Mobile, Email and SMS text message capabilities
  • Payment mentioned on the site: $10 per test unless mentioned otherwise
  • Payment method: PayPal
  • Open to: US and UK

8. uTest

A fantastic site where you can earn and improve your testing skills. You get paid to test various tools/apps and also to identify bugs. This site encourages members to actively get involved in discussions and to steadily improve your rating. Many testers here come from a non-testing background. You can learn your way up through their numerous courses. There are many testers who make a full-time living working on uTest.

  • Requirements: PC/Mac/Mobile/Multiple devices, Microphone
  • Payment mentioned on the site: Amount not mentioned but research shows mostly positive responses and that it largely depends on the test cycle
  • Payment method: PayPal
  • Open to: Worldwide

9. StartUpLift

Write detailed and helpful reviews about the websites posted by various companies. Answer any questions they may have about their site. You will get paid only if your views are considered useful.

  • Requirements: PC, Write Reviews
  • Payment mentioned on the site: $5 per test
  • Payment method: PayPal
  • Open to: Worldwide

10. TestingTime

Website usability testing, interviews, focus groups, surveys etc. You will need a Skype id to work remotely. Also, follow them on social media as few test invites are only available there. I could not find many reviews on this site. But I am including it here as it looks legit. No harm in trying it out.

  • Requirements: Skype id, PC/Mac
  • Payment mentioned on the site: Not mentioned. The amount charged per tester is mentioned for clients though. Do not know if it will be the same paid to the tester
  • Payment method: Once you are accepted, they may make the payment method clear.
  • Open to: Possibly worldwide

11. MyCrowd

You get paid to find bugs and other issues that hinder a smooth user experience on both websites and apps. There are bonuses for those who find the maximum number of bugs. You need to be the first in providing a test result which is later reviewed by the community or you can also review a result that is reported by other testers. Your LinkedIn profile is needed to sign up.

  • Requirements: PC/Mobile
  • Payment mentioned on the site: No. Reviews show the pay maybe between $3 to $25 depending on test
  • Payment method: PayPal
  • Open to: MyCrowd specifically mentions they have testers from 40 countries but also states in their FAQs that if you are based in the US, go ahead and apply. A bit contradictory there but possibly accepted worldwide

12. Erli Bird

This company provides testing services for apps, websites, and other gadgets. Keep a close tab on the site as slots get filled quickly and provide quality feedback when you have the opportunity to voice your opinion.

  • Requirements: PC/Mac/Multiple devices. Webcam/Microphone depending on the test
  • Payment mentioned on the site: $10 per test
  • Payment method: PayPal
  • Open to: Worldwide

13. UserTest

Provide reviews to improve website design and usability

  • Requirements: PC/Mac, Microphone
  • Payment mentioned on the site: $10 per test
  • Payment method: PayPal
  • Open to: Worldwide

14. Validately

Perform tasks to test the usability/features of sites and applications.

  • Requirements: Microphone, PC/Mac/Mobile
  • Payment mentioned on the site: $5 – $25 depending on the test
  • Payment method: PayPal
  • Open to: US, Canada, UK, Australia

 15. Testbirds

This site offers mobile app testing, website usability testing, wearables, games etc. They pay additionally for every bug detected. They also offer courses to help with usability, bugs and testing skills. Depending on the complexity, few of the tests have higher pay than noted below.

  • Requirements: PC/Tablet/Smartphone
  • Payment mentioned on the site: 20 € on an average per test
  • Payment method: PayPal, If your country is part of SEPA, then direct bank transfer option available. If outside SEPA, apart from PayPal, Wirecard Bank service or Payoneer Global Payment Service (Read the payment section on their site for more info)
  • Open to: Worldwide

16. UsabilityHub

Participate in short tests and get paid for giving your opinion. You will be credited points per test. You can withdraw the payment once you have accumulated 200 points. There are a variety of tests you can participate in.

  • Requirements: PC
  • Payment mentioned on the site: $.10 per credit which means minimum payout is $20
  • Payment method: PayPal
  • Open to: Possibly worldwide

17. Userbrain

You get paid to test the usability of websites here. Your screen is recorded while you speak about what you see and experience on the sites assigned. Androids are not accepted as a testing device.

  • Requirements: PC, Ipad/iPhone, Microphone, Chrome Extension
  • Payment mentioned on the site: $3 per test and minimum payout is $10
  • Payment method: PayPal
  • Open to: Possibly worldwide

18. Userinput.io

This site runs customer discovery surveys and helps clients improve their websites or apps. Right now, the tester registration form is for app testing. This area of the site is still in the building phase and they will get back to you once they actually start the testing. That might be the reason there is no recent activity on the site that I could find. The website testing and other customer feedback testing are now available on Amazon mturk.

  • Requirements: iPhone and Android phone
  • Payment mentioned on the site: $5 per app tested, or $10 per website video
  • Payment method: PayPal possibly. On the form, they ask us about the preferred method
  • Open to: I do not see any restriction on their website. I was able to fill their questionnaire. So, possibly worldwide

19. Testadrome

You get paid to test apps and games here. You are rewarded by points credited to your account based on your performance which you can cash out later in the form of cash, GiftCards, and other rewards. Go through their FAQs to understand how you can improve your rating.

  • Requirements: Smartphone or tablet with Android, iOS or Windows Phone operating system
  • Payment mentioned on the site: Not mentioned
  • Payment method: PayPal, Other GiftCards, and rewards
  • Open to: Worldwide

20. Uxline

Uxline is specifically for Spanish users. Like with other usability tests, you need to voice out your thoughts aloud on what you like about a website. You may also be asked to provide a written response to few questions about your experience.

  • Requirements: PC/Mac, Explorer 7, Safari 4, Chrome or Firefox 3.5 browser, Microphone
  • Payment mentioned on the site: € 10 per test
  • Payment method: PayPal
  • Open to: Not worldwide I think, due to the language restriction

21. Ubertesters

This site offers usability, functional and localization testing for apps and games. Information on future projects is also updated on their Facebook community page. They do require prior QA testing experience. Applicants are tested on their abilities as well as interviewed. Work hours are flexible and few testers are working on the site full-time.

  • Requirements: Smartphone/Tablet
  • Payment mentioned on the site: Not mentioned on the site. But as per other online reviews, they pay possibly $12 per testing hour
  • Payment method: Not mentioned
  • Open to: Worldwide

22. Sticky

Sticky tracks your eye! Yes, you heard that right. It is an eye tracking panel that tells clients if their product is capturing the user’s attention and how they are emotionally engaged with the product. They do have a list of reputable clients.

  • Requirements: Computer, webcam
  • Payment mentioned on the site: Not mentioned on the site but reviews show $1 per test
  • Payment method: PayPal and other rewards like Amazon GiftCards
  • Open to: Possibly within the US

23. A Try Box

You get paid to test apps while sharing your opinion. they have different types of tests, each with specific pay.

  • Requirements: Computer, Microphone, and a Phone if you are reviewing over the phone
  • Payment mentioned on the site: $35 for over the phone usability review, $25 for usability testing, $10 for survey and $5 to choose a design/logo/color etc. Personal meetings do not have a fixed price
  • Payment method: Venmo
  • Open to: US only

24. Test IO

Test.IO has been around since 2011. Their testers help improve websites, apps and identify bugs. This platform offers the chance to learn more using their resources while you get paid to complete tests.

  • Requirements: Multiple devices including smart wearables
  • Payment mentioned on the site: $50 for the highly critical bug found. You also get paid for completing test cases and reviewing apps
  • Payment method:  PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, or bank transfer
  • Open to: Worldwide

25. 99tests

99tests is another crowd testing platform and offers a flexible work schedule. They accept both beginners as well as experienced testers. Apart from regular testing projects, they hold contests where testers compete to find bugs. I could not find any recent reviews for this company. There is nothing to indicate that site is not legit, so adding it to the list.

  • Requirements: Multiple devices
  • Payment mentioned on the site: Amount depends on the complexity of the task
  • Payment method:  PayPal
  • Open to: Worldwide

26. Testlio

Testlio focusses on finding critical bugs. According to them, it is the quality of bugs that matters and not the quantity. The pay depends on your performance and everybody works their way up from the base pay rate.

  • Requirements: Computer and mobile devices
  • Payment mentioned on the site: Start at $10 and increases to $35 depending on performance
  • Payment method: PayPal
  • Open to: Possibly worldwide

I found couple more sites that were popular few years back but do not have any recent activity. But they are still noted as legit – Analysia, TestFairy, BetaFamily

I will keep a lookout for any changes on all of these sites and update the list if necessary. I do not want you guys to have any outdated info 🙂

Tips To Earn Well Testing Websites/Apps

  • Register multiple devices to increase the potential for receiving invites
  • Check your e-mail regularly for test invites. I would suggest logging in daily to the sites as well
  • Most of these companies provide examples on what they expect their testers to do. Go through these to get an idea on how to give quality feedback
  • Be quick to accept test invites as slots get filled quickly
  • Be aware of the test scope and test instructions
  • Make sure you have the devices before accepting the test invite. Some people change their device and forget to notify the company
  • Go that extra mile. Keeping the scope in mind, provide 1 or 2 bonus feedback points
  • If your report needs to be in a written format, write a well-detailed report with bullet points describing all your steps. Basically, provide fantastic feedback that stands out from the rest

Website testing is a fun way to earn extra money. It is important to note that many of these sites have a set limit to the number of tests sent each month. If you are quick to hunt for bugs, are open to learning more and invest a good amount of time on each platform, your earning potential may be higher than other side hustles.

Do you have experience working on any of these sites? I will love to hear more about it. Let’s discuss in the comment section.

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