Get Paid To Review Calls With Humanatic

How To Get Paid Reviewing Calls For Humanatic

Humanatic is a call review site that pays you to sort calls and audit them based on what you hear.

I worked previously as a call center agent for many years and later moved to call auditing. I have always loved that job and thought it will be fun to check out Humanatic.

Who Can Apply?

Anyone who has basic English skills and a PayPal account can apply.

If you know Spanish, you have a bonus opportunity to review Spanish calls as well. Recently, Humanatic has introduced Mandarin and Cantonese as well and they are working to make these calls available soon. Aaaaaand….

They accept worldwide members. 

I spent few hours reviewing calls at Humanatic, trying different call categories and figuring out how much I can earn from this side hustle.

What Does The Work Involve?

Every business owner knows that there is a lot of valuable information available in customer calls that could take their company to the next level.

Humanatic breaks down these calls, both inbound and outbound, to understand the purpose of the call and to figure out problem areas.

You get to review conversations about car dealerships, rent or doctor’s appointment to name a few. Calls are divided into categories based on these. The payout is different for each category as well.

Initially, you are given the inbound and outbound category to review. More categories get unlocked depending on your performance. Each category has guidelines that need to be followed.

Call duration ranges from few seconds to approx. 15-20 min long. You are paid few cents for each call. Calls are reviewed by multiple members to ensure same results. If you have audited incorrectly, you lose the payout for that call and also, are penalized by a further reduction in pay.

You have an option to dispute the call that is marked as audited incorrectly and present your reasons for your choice. A senior call auditor will let you know if your dispute is accepted or not, If accepted, the penalty is reversed.

You get paid weekly and the payout is made through PayPal. The minimum payout is $10.

What Was My Experience With Humanatic?

I see that there have been many changes made on the site since I first joined. But let me tell you about my hands-on experience first.

My first impression of the site was that it has a very pleasing layout. You have categories of calls neatly presented along with the payout and the number of calls available for each category.

When I started looking into online jobs, the way the information is presented or written was one of the items on my list to check for legitimacy. I know, I know. Looks are deceiving but still 🙂

You start from Level 1 and can move up the ladder. Each level requires a certain number of calls, for example, from Level 4 you need to complete 120 calls to reach Level 5 and so on.

This was truly fun as my profile showed me how much more I needed to reach the next level and you received bonus rewards for completing each level. This is what motivated me to reach level after level. Unfortunately, the site went through some upgrades and this level feature was removed.

Unfortunately, the site went through few upgrades and this level feature has been removed. Read on to learn more.

How Much Can You Earn?

Let’s get this out of the way first – you are not going to get super rich reviewing calls with Humanatic. It will not replace your full-time job. Humanatic is a fun side hustle that allows you to relax and work from your home at any time that you like.

I use a spreadsheet to track all my work activities to see how much time I spend on each job and how much I can earn in that time.

On an average, you can finish about 20 calls/hr. If it is a higher paying category, you may get 1-2 calls that are around 13-18 min long, which means you can do around 12-15 calls in that hr.

I earned $3 an hr the first day and I was working on outbound call category till I crossed a couple of levels. But due to the lack of work availability, it is totally impossible to work on any one category for a long period of time. You have to constantly change categories to work regularly.

There is a very interesting leaderboard that shows team members earning $25-$50 in a day. I researched in the forums to seek advice on how they managed this. But the answers were all the same- hard work.

After the first day, I was never able to do a repeat performance on the amount earned. The amount remained few cents to $1 an hr since then. Another challenge is the constant technical issues with the platform.

My Verdict

The Good Stuff

  • Humanatic is a legit site that pays its members on time
  • It accepts members worldwide
  • Work guidelines are clear enough and no training is required
  • The calls are fun to listen to and the expected work is very simple

Stuff That Needs Improvement

  • Pay is low and work is not regular
  • There are constant technical issues
  • The penalty is a bit much. Instead of a penalty, they could just remove the payment for the incorrect review
  • Higher accuracy bonus

I was able to earn $0.8 an hour on an average no matter what category I worked on. This includes the amount penalized for careless mistakes I made. If you try hard and have a laser-like focus on accuracy, you will be able to earn $150-$180 in a month.

Hope you enjoyed this post. If interested, you may register for Humanatic here.

What is your experience working for Humanatic? Let’s discuss in the comment section.

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