January 2018 Month And Blog Recap

Whew! The first month of this year just flew by. January has been a great start to this year. And am totally excited to recap the month.

I finally started to see some good results on the work front and made good progress with my blog content plan.

The whole purpose of my monthly recaps is to keep myself on point and note down experiments I carry out my traffic strategies. Working from home to pay my bills and taking time out to work on a blog strategy is more than a full-time job. But I am a firm believer in the fact that slow and steady wins the race. And am enjoying every moment of it. January 2018 Month And Blog Recap

WAH Jan’18 Recap

Jan’18 Freelance Income: $241.22

  • Search engine evaluation: $21.08
  • Website Testing: $220.14


Lionbridge – This should be the easiest way for me to earn from home. But I can’t do it. Why? Because the pay period is more than a month away. The work I do in Jan, I will get paid in March as tasks will need to be reviewed before getting approved.

But I realize that I am missing a great wah opportunity here by missing out on tasks week after week. I did manage to work for few hours but it is no excuse. It is not like me to not shy away from any of my responsibilities and the work is actually fun & challenging. So this is the number one priority for February.


uTest – The month began a bit slowly with hardly any invitations coming through. And then suddenly I was active in more than 5 cycles at a time. I worked on at least 19 cycles and declined as many since I did not have time to pitch in to multiple projects at the same time.

I totally forgot about being active in the forums and how much I enjoyed interacting with other testers. I focussed on my rating and worked my way to Gold. Now, I am under pressure to maintain it that way.


Blog Recap

It has been 7 months since I started writing on this blog and I am yet to monetize it. Once I am regular with my content calendar, the blog money plan will follow.

Posts Published Last Month

Instead of pinning every alternate day like in the past, I made a point to post every week and pin 50 pins weekly. Surprisingly, I saw a huge spike in traffic with this simple trick. 78% of the traffic came from Pinterest directly. I have been tracking Pinterest trends for months to see what works the most and so far the results are good. Not great, but still good 🙂

  • Per day page views Jan’18: 165
  • Pinterest Followers Jan’18: 97
  • Blog Traffic Jan’18: 5122

Top 3 Popular Posts For Jan’18

Going forward, I will write the updates once I have monetized my site. Following my content calendar is the top priority. I hope I can keep this momentum going for the next month as well.

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