My Logbook

This section on this blog is simply a place for me to note down my experiences with various freelance gigs, to build a plan for the next month and to review what I achieved the previous month. It is a work in progress 🙂

Why do I need this section?

It is inspiring to read income reports, isn’t it? Many bloggers and other online entrepreneurs have published their first income report to help us understand how they started their journey towards building financial freedom. Few of them achieved great results during their first month of freelancing while others slowly built their way up to awesomeness.

But it left me wondering. How about the months before their first income report? It is absolutely possible that they were laser-focused on their goals and are dedicated to a fault. Hence, fantastic results! But does that mean there is no hope for me?

My journey has been like this – quit my job, created a blog, took a vacation, read a lot, wrote 5 posts, abandoned blog while I pursued other interests, collected more material and finally decide to step up my game in Mar’17. And the progress from then has been slow but steady. I called the months before this as my lazy phase.

As much as I love to write, I enjoy research and analysis. I dedicated the first few months to try to build a schedule and work at a few gigs myself. I will start working on the blog somewhere during the 4th or 5th month.

As blogging is one of the lucrative ways to earn from home, I will slowly evolve the blog to include topics that help bloggers along the way. I will start working on growing my blog somewhere during the 4th or 5th month.

I am aware that there will be a ton of mistakes that I make in the initial months. And that is precisely what I want to note down. Hopefully, I will learn from these and help someone avoid these mistakes along the way.

Monthly Reports:




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Month#5 – My First Online Income And First Month Blogging

Month#6 – August’17 Recap

Month#7 – Sep’17 Recap With Blog Stats