Month#2 Update

Not exactly a proud performance month! Discarded much from the to-do list while adding other stuff to it and worked on those. I was stranded without the internet for about 15 days and man, did I realize I was addicted to browsing. Reality-check aside, what did I achieve in Month#2 ?

  • Applied to 6 website usability testing sites and got through 5
  • Accepted at IAPWE
  • Received test invitation from Lionbridge. Feverishly studied for 7 days and passed (Sigh of relief!)
  • Created boards on Pinterest relevant to my niche
  • Spent 1.25 hrs reading every day
  • Applied to 11 survey sites (I will be doing a case study on how it works)

Month#2 was pretty epic for me. I am happy with how things turned out but I still failed bigly (yes :), bigly) to meet my targets for last month. Considering this is the 2nd month that I failed to meet set targets, I am going to carry forward the pending tasks + add few more to this month:

Month#3 Challenge

  • Complete uTest training modules
  • IAPWE list of things to-do
  • Complete testing applications
  • Work 8 hrs a day
  • Publish 15 Safari posts
  • Write 40 articles on iWriter (last priority)
  • Apply for Adsense

My new-found love of testing is going to make me spend considerable time on those sites. Hopefully, I am going to meet the set target for Month#3. Let’s see how it goes!