Month#3 Update

Dedicated this month to focus on the jobs at hand- uTest, Testbirds and Lionbridge. Let’s review:

-Total hrs spent: 105.13 hrs (8 hrs target- Fail)

  1. uTest – Completed my profile, was active on the forum and wrote an article. Covered enough courses to immediately accept any paid projects that come my way. Waiting for sandbox invite and projects that meet my devices/location. Hopefully, that will happen this month. Added more technical courses to my list
  2. Lionbridge – Since passing the assessment, the communication received says the rating tool is undergoing an upgrade and will be ready sometime in June. So that contractors remain in touch with the process and can improve themselves, there were regular learning modules sent. Completed them so so slowly as was given 7 days for each 🙂
  3. Testbirds – Though not on the agenda, completed all the courses available here and passed the short exams as well. The entry test to be completed next month. Hope that goes well.

-Adsense – As per marketing strategies by prominent bloggers, the common advice is to apply to Adsense later on. Focus on blog first.

-Testing platform applications – 14 pending. I will apply to these only in July.

-Remaining hrs spent on reading/other learning: 20.9

As usual, will carry forward activities pending to this month as well. Update: There are few activities from last month that I am putting on hold and focussing on my blog first. There is a lot I need to learn about blogging from scratch. Since, I am already half way through this month, I will start working on my blog as of Jul’17.

Updated to-do list below:-

Month#4 Challenge

  1. Work 8 hrs a day – Priority
  2. Create a 6 months blog growth plan – Share in next month’s update
  3. Complete uTest training modules – new courses added
  4. Lionbridge modules – as and when sent
  5. Case study on survey sites (create an on-going series)
  6. Be Active On Pinterest
  7. Subscribe And Follow Favorite Bloggers
  8. Research blog traffic methods

Income – I have applied to multiple sites. Few have accepted my application and as expected few rejected. As luck would have it, many of the sites I have been accepted to have very limited projects coming in right now. As and when I start earning, I will publish the income report.

Looks like 50% of my productive time, I will spend reading in June. Since this is the 4th month of experimenting with online freelance jobs, hopefully, it falls into place.