Month#4 Update – Blog Growth Plan included

Hey All,

Another month has gone by. And here is the progress report :):

  1. Work 8 hrs a day– Hurray! I have finally built a schedule with 8rs of productivity with 0 distractions. It took me 4 months to finally reach here. This will not be on my agenda again since I have made it a habit. So no more unless I fall off the wagon- Win
  2. Create a 6 months blog growth plan – Noted below. I started planning the business plan for the blog officially on the 20th of last month only. I did not want to publish 2 different reports, one for the blog and another for the month recaps. So I will start working on the blog officially in Jul’17- Win
  3. Complete uTest training modules – I logged in every day and remained active in the forum but did not complete the modules I had chosen. I did not receive any project invites but I did apply to 3. Maybe I was too late and the slots were filled already. But I love this platform and I will continue to apply and learn. From the reviews, it is totally possible to make a living on uTest and I plan to test this out myself. – Fail
  4. Lionbridge modules – as and when sent – No modules were sent, so none completed. It is just my luck I guess. Even though I passed the test, the tool was undergoing some upgrade and work has been put off last month. This gave me enough time to build and focus on the blog plan. And good news! I just received communication 2 days back that the tool is ready to go live next week. So, this will be back on the agenda next month – N/A
  5. Case study on survey sites (create an on-going series) – The plan was to test out survey sites and check what is the likelihood of making extra money from these. 1 method was tested out last month and ongoing post created. This will continue towards next month – Win

Extra Stuff

  • Passed Testbirds and received an assignment 20 days later for a very good pay. But did not participate as I was unavailable to complete. I will try not to miss these opportunities in future.
  • Picked a color palette for my blog and redid the entire site to my liking. I will feel happier writing now. As you may have guessed, I love blue 🙂
  • Continued building Pinterest boards in my niche. Stayed active on Pinterest everyday
  • Scheduled posts for the next 12 months
  • Subscribed and followed my favorite bloggers
  • Spent few days reading up on driving blog traffic
  • Every writer/blogger needs to spend time reading. I love to learn so I am happy with the time I spend on it – 82 hrs last month

6 Months Blog Growth Plan

Note: I did not get any guidance on what should the right chronological order look like. So I created the list according to the popular methods followed. I am sure I have missed out on few stuff but here is the rough draft. I will learn as I go and do an analysis regularly to note my wins and fails.


  1. Research and promote my posts on Pinterest
  2. Publish 10 posts- 1 post every 3 days
  3. Create a proper subscription bar
  4. Research Twitter marketing
  5. Create Twitter profile and promote posts
  6. SEO and keyword research
  7. Implement SEO on old posts
  8. Research Google Analytics
  9. Research Facebook promotion
  10. Create FB profile for site


  1. Join Pinterest Groups
  2. Promote on FB
  3. Join FB Groups
  4. Research Affiliate Programs
  5. Set Up Affiliate Programs
  6. Research Email Marketing
  7. Build Email List
  8. Research WP tools for bloggers
  9. Publish Every 3 Days


  1. Write 3 months progress post with analysis
  2. Create logo
  3. Research other monetization techniques
  4. Implement more monetization techniques
  5. Publish Every 3 Days
  6. Share on Social Media without fail
  7. Round Up Posts


  1. Publish on Fridays and Tuesdays
  2. Join Forums relevant to my niche
  3. Offer to do 2 or more Guest Posts
  4. Create posts with infographics
  5. Research Bloglovin’ and join
  6. Create PDF and Worksheets (few I have scheduled to be posted as PDF lessons already)


  1. Publish on Fridays and Tuesdays
  2. Post teasers of new posts on social media
  3. Research LinkedIn and join
  4. Create free courses


  1. Write a 6 months traffic analysis post – 1 for each platform
  2. Do round up posts
  3. Create Archives page
  4. 3 guest posts
  5. Research StumbleUpon and Join
  6. Create the next 6 months plan with traffic and monetization targets

I know the right way to measure the progress is traffic and stats. But I am not getting any straight answers as to what should the right target be. Few say 5% increase in traffic a month while others have a different number in mind. I will have to figure this out.

Month#5 Challenge

  1. Focus on Blog Growth for Jul’17
  2. Build relationship with fellow bloggers – This is fun as they are simply helpful and awesome individuals
  3. Complete uTest training modules
  4. Work on Lionbridge
  5. No misses on testing opportunities
  6. Case study on survey sites – Ongoing series

I have a good feeling about Month#5. Disciplining myself was the biggest hurdle and things have shaped out superbly once I crossed this.