My First Online Income and First Month Blogging Recap

Finally! Finally, I am writing a post about my first online income. I am so excited right now! I was looking forward to include my online income report to my monthly recaps for a long time. No matter how small the amount, but it is still a start.

My First Blog Monthly Recap And How I Made My First Income Online

My Story

I quit my job and took the leap into full time freelancing even before I had a solid clue as to what I wanted to do with my life. I had a comfortable desk job, awesome colleagues and a cool schedule. But I was not happy with what I was doing and yearned to be free of my cubicle. I wanted the flexibility to work from anywhere and spend more time with my loved ones.

I spent a lot of time researching and loved every bit of information I found on building a career online. There are so many of my friends who are unable to work as they are stay-at-home moms or have other personal commitments. Some are stuck in jobs they don’t love while others are solo bread winners struggling to make that extra cash every month . I would love to reach out to all these wonderful people out there to help them earn income from the comfort of their home.

What’s the purpose of my income report?

  • Prove that it is possible to earn a full-time income online
  • Keep myself on track while pursuing my goals
  • Help me set higher targets to challenge myself and improve
  • Point out my mistakes that could help another create a fail-proof business plan

This is my 5th month of full time freelancing. I have taken longer than many of my fellow online colleagues to make that first income. It took me few months to discipline myself to stick to a schedule and then to stick to the goal plan.

You can read about my previous months here.

How Much Did I Make?

First Online Income : $59

Source: Search Engine Evaluation

So, that’s that. No matter how small the amount, I feel elated that I have begun somewhere. I am looking forward to double it next month. Hopefully, I will be working on multiple streams of extra income.

My First Month Blog Report

I started my blog months back with the sole purpose of sharing what I learn but left it to gather dust while I researched about legit online jobs. I was not interested in building the blog or monetizing it. That was until I started reading up on some fantastic online income reports that totally showed me the income potential in blogging. I created a business plan towards the end of June’17 and from that moment, blogging has become a passion. Jul’17 is officially my first month blogging.

Reading about blog reports by other successful bloggers is so inspiring, but daunting at the same time. And when I look at my stats for last month, I have achieved far lesser than what many of fellow bloggers have in their first month blogging.

First Month Blog Recap – Jul’17

  • Wrote 4 posts for July. Aim was for 10, 1 every 3 days- Fail
  • Promoted my posts on Pinterest – Win

Blog Stats Jul’17

  • Increase in Pageviews – 34.33%
  • Visitors from Pinterest – 50.45%
  • Increase in Visitors – 44.4%

Pinterest is the best tool ever for bloggers. It also made it easy to analyze the traffic driven to my posts.

Posts With Highest Views:

Sites That Pay Writers With No Experience

Work At Home Proofreading And Editing Jobs

25+ Amazing Companies That Pay To Test Websites

My blog performance for last month is in red. I hope to catch up to it next month. I still have not figured out what my stats ought to look like. The world of blogging is vast and there is so much reading material out there. What works for one blogger may not work for another.

I am still sticking to the 6 months blog growth plan, which means 2nd month plan will look crazy. Why? I have missed out some stuff from last month and I am adding those here. If I am able to get through 90% of the list, it is a win. Let’s hope for the best!

How I made my first income online. My first month blog stats

Now, let’s break down my activities for last month:

Month# 5 Recap

  1. Commented on many blog posts from my fellow bloggers whom I started following last month. Made sure I read through rather than commenting for the sake of adding comments. A lot of valuable information on those posts and I enjoy being inspired by these super creative people – Win
  2. Complete uTest training modules – I had built a huge list of courses that I wished to complete but never got around to completing it – Fail
  3. Work on Lionbridge tasks – The upgrade on the site has finally been completed and work resumed as normal. This was the first month I was working and I enjoy this work fully. The potential to earn depends on each person and there is no fixed salary amount. The site was up and working mid month which means I added 10+ hrs per week to my already full schedule  – Win
  4. No misses on testing opportunities – I did not receive any invites. This was very disappointing as I really liked this hustle. Maybe next month –  N/A
  5. Case study on survey sites – I still am interested in creating an on-going series to know if we can make money using surveys and how much income can be earned with the same. I did try out 1 method. I will resume my experiment in Aug – Fail
  6. Hrs spent on writing posts – 35 hrs for 4 to 5 posts. This is way too much than it should take. I take around 3 hrs to write a review post but if the post is about online jobs, I read and research all over to make sure there are no changes to the info I have collected. I had aimed to write 10 posts and that did not pan out – Fail
  7. Pinterest Boards – Apart from promoting my posts, I spent time building boards on Pinterest. I LOVE PINTEREST. The site is so amazing and has so much useful information. I easily spend 2 hrs on Pinterest a day. Promoted my posts as planned – Win
  8. Researching more on legit jobs – I cannot stop myself from looking for more legit jobs to add to my growing massive lists (1886 and counting :)). I spent reading for around 32 hrs last month. Not bad.

Posts Published last month:

Get Paid To Review Books – 20 Popular Sites

Work At Home Proofreading And Editing Jobs

25+ Amazing Companies That Pay To Test Websites

Get Paid To Review Calls With Humanatic

Month#6 Challenge

  1. Improve Lionbridge performance – Complete more tasks
  2. uTest courses- not a priority. Think I have enough to-do for the month. But it will stay on this list
  3. Testing jobs – as and when invited
  4. Survey series- ongoing
  5. Reduce post writing time by half without compromising on quality
  6. Create 10 pins per post
  7. Double blog stats when compared to last month
  8. Comment on 10 blogs per week
  9. Focus on Blog Growth Plan Month#2

Blog Goal Month#2 – Aug’17

  1. Create a proper subscription bar
  2. Research Twitter marketing
  3. Create Twitter profile and promote posts
  4. SEO and keyword research
  5. Implement SEO on old posts
  6. Research Google Analytics
  7. Research Facebook promotion
  8. Create FB profile for site
  9. Join Pinterest Groups
  10. Promote on FB
  11. Join FB Groups
  12. Research Affiliate Programs
  13. Set Up Affiliate Programs
  14. Research Email Marketing
  15. Build Email List
  16. Research WP tools for bloggers

Oh My! Looks scary already! I figured out in my first month of blogging that the blogging universe is seamless and the potential endless. I have finally found my passion. I love to learn all this stuff and looking forward to the next month.

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