Nov’17 And Dec’17 Month Recap

Happy New Year everyone!

Wow! Last year just flew past, didn’t it?

The recap posts are way too late, I know. I have been so busy with back to back work, not that I am complaining. The last 2 months have been so full of opportunities and learning curves.

So, I am combining Nov and Dec month recaps together.

Nov'17 Month Recap With Income Report And Blog Performance

Month Income Recap

Nov’17 Freelance Income: $121.71

  • Search engine evaluation: $3.12
  • Website Testing: $106.15
  • Survey: $10
  • Writing: $2.44

Dec’17 Freelance Income: $138.86

  • Search engine evaluation: $12.18
  • Website Testing: $126.68



I have been so afraid to write a post on this platform. I have heard about the less pay and tough clients. The pay did not worry me as all I wanted was to test my skills and see how it went. But, I kept putting it off as I was so worried about being demotivated if I was rejected.

When I finally became aware of my fear, I was able to calm myself down and set a firm mindset that whatever happened, this is not the end. I logged in and scrolled through the available projects for standard writers. I found a topic that was interesting but the client had high rejection rate. Hmm, not a good sign. But then it might be good to hear some criticism. It may help me improve after all.

It took me 3 hours to complete the article. I researched well and wrote the article focusing on all the key points client wanted.

Got 5 stars on that one! Pay really didn’t matter for now. What I was excited about was being accepted and the golden stars 🙂



I failed miserably to meet my numbers here. There were some technical issues that were going on the site but that was no excuse. I was so busy with functional testing projects that I was working on, I hardly had time to log in to Lionbridge as committed.

I did spend time reading through few new modules and working on very minimal tasks Hats off to the support team for understanding and sending regular updates on changes to keep contractors on the same page.

This is one area that has good earning potential if only I manage to pull out an extra 20hrs a week to pitch in. The work is interesting and simple enough to understand.



I have been wanting to do a time study on how surveys work. Surveys that pay cash really do have a good earning potential but I was trying to figure out if it is worth the time that I am putting in. I missed out plenty of opportunities and there are many sites that do not bother to send emails notifications. I think they expect me to log in and check regularly.

I finally managed to cash out on Global Test Market as I reached the minimal amount. Focus area for 2018 is to keep an eye on emails and not miss out any opportunity.



I worked for a week a day in October for my first test project. But November was the first month I actually started working from day 1. uTest has an academy cycle for new and tenured members that is absolutely wonderful for newbies. I made it a point to attend one each week. uTest has a 5 tier rating for testers and it was through these academy cycles that I received my first rating.

As soon as I got rated, I started receiving 2-4 projects a week. Once I started climbing the tier steadily, I started receiving 9 projects a week. I started submitting high-value bugs and making it a point to accept as many projects as I could. My first mistake!

I soon became overwhelmed with the number of projects I was doing. I was working on 2 projects that had deadlines a day and my quality started getting affected. I realized I was focussing too much on doing as much as I can rather than the quality.

Mistake 2 – I do not start working on a project immediately. Because I have my plate full, I work on 2 or 3 at a time and by the time I reach that project, many of high-quality bugs have already been reported. There have been cycles that I found nothing at all. Am sure that has impacted my rating.

It took me till the last 2 weeks of December to clear off the projects and slow stuff down. I now make it a point to work on only 1 project a day. Focus in 2018 should be to start on a new project as soon as I accept it.

All in all, I love working at uTest. I would like to make uTest my full -time job. The work is super interesting and there is so much to learn. Looking forward for more.

Blog Recap

There was not much work I did on the blog for the last 2 months. Shame on me! I am creating a new content calendar for 2018 and my only resolution for next year is to stick to it. I have taken special care not to make it overwhelming and kept in mind that blogging is not my full-time job.

But, back to topic – Here is my blog performance for Nov and Dec combined. Let’s look at the 6-month trend analysis:

6 month traffic analysis


I am surprised I had any traffic at all as I did not use Pinterest much in the past 2 months. Here’s the data:

  • Per day page views Nov’17: 43
  • Per day page views Dec’17: 29
  • Pinterest Followers Nov’17: 72
  • Pinterest Followers Dec’17: 81
  • Blog Traffic Nov’17: 1293
  • Blog Traffic Dec’17: 909

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