October’17 Month And Blog Traffic Report

I will remember this month as the first month in my blog journey when my traffic unexpectedly tripled by leaps and bounds.

I had been seeing a positive trend in September but never expected my traffic to increase fourfold in October. I retraced my steps to understand how this happened so that I could share it with you and maybe help someone repeat the same trick for their site.

And all this with simple manual Pinterest pinning.

October'17 Blog Traffic Report

But first, let’s check out the monthly trends below:

  • Per day page views Sep’17: 28
  • Per day page views Oct’17: 118
  • Pinterest Followers Sep’17: 49
  • Pinterest Followers Oct’17: 62
  • Blog Traffic Sep’17: 834
  • Blog Traffic Oct’17: 3652

Here is my 4-month blog traffic trend data.

Monthly Traffic Trend Report

Here is a traffic trend from Pinterest to my blog for October:

Pinterest Traffic Daily Trend For Oct'17

My Pinterest Strategy:

  • Created 10 batches of my blog pins with each set having the same font and color palette
  • Wrote alt and descriptions keeping SEO in mind
  • Pinned 50 posts from various sites on topics that interested me
  • Joined a group board and pinned images from various sites relevant to the site including mine
  • Pinned my blog content only on alternate days
  • Pinned 35-45 pins from my blog in batches with each pin from a different set from the 10 sets I created
  • Changed the time I pin my posts to 3.00 pm-8.00 pm, my time (IST)

I hope this trend continues. I will document more Pinterest trends to find other such simple yet impactful ways for to drive traffic to your site.

Top 3 Popular Posts for Oct’17

Nov Goals: Same as before. Research more on list building techniques. Write more posts as per content plan.

Oct’17 Month Recap

Oct’17 Freelance Income: $80

  • Search engine evaluation: $70
  • Website Testing: $10


The work is very interesting once you learn the guidelines like the back of your hand. I have to say…again, the team at Lionbridge is super supportive. They conduct webinars to help us through uncommon scenarios.

I need to pick up my speed if I want to earn anything substantial from Lionbridge. They pay per tasks which means the earning potential is totally in our hands.

So far, I have been reading the study material for each new task and wasting a lot of time in the process. To tell the truth, I keep expecting them to throw me out for such not meeting my numbers. The support team does a great job monitoring performance and holding members accountable for quality results.

Nov Goals: Complete 500-600 tasks minimum next month which means 10 tasks per hour.


I had a great time with uTest in October. Since passing the Sandbox last month, I participated in back to back weekly Academy cycles. I am now a Proven tester in functional testing. I wish I had joined academy cycles sooner.

And then paid cycles started making their way to me. I had to reject a couple of them due to the other commitments. The pay per test cycle differs. The amount you can earn in a bug hunt cycle totally depends on the valuable bugs you can find.

I find uTest a great way as an initial side hustle to slowly branch out as a full-time work at home career. I enjoy the work with uTest and the growth opportunities are fantastic.

Nov Goals: Participate in more paid cycles and focus on high-value bugs. Invest in more courses to improve testing skills.


I continued to pin 50 images daily on to my Pinterest boards. I may not do this on a daily basis in Nov’17. I am finding it hard to find appropriate pins for my online money making board. Scouring the net for new pins is tough though fun. I also joined my first group board. That was exciting 🙂

I love pinning on Pinterest so much that I am thinking of branching out as a Pinterest VA. I did find few ways I can start a freelancing as a Pinterest VA. Keeping this idea on the back burner for now.

Nov Goals: Find more cool pins for my boards and other group boards that I can join.

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