Legit Well Paying Accounting And Bookkeeping Jobs

Accounting and bookkeeping jobs are a great option for those looking to ditch the office cubicle. If number crunching and being detail-oriented is your thing, you have come to the right place.

Many companies are offering virtual assistance to their clients these days. And your bookkeeping and accounting skills are increasingly in demand.

My research tells me almost all companies require either prior experience or at least a degree to pursue a bookkeeping and accounting career. But many of them provide kickass benefits and offer a comfortable income for you to work from home.

Bookkeeping Jobs That Let You Earn Income From Home

Are accounting and bookkeeping jobs the same?

Well, no.

For a newbie, they look the same. Both needs you to work with financial data and basic accounting knowledge is necessary to carry out tasks for both. But there are few general differences:

  • A degree is required to become an accountant. Basic accounting knowledge will do for a bookkeeper job
  • Accountants perform data analysis while bookkeepers record and maintain the financial data
  • Accountants sometimes oversee bookkeeper’s work and are paid more than bookkeepers

But times are changing. You will notice that few companies have integrated some responsibilities of accountants into their bookkeeping process.

Where to find these jobs?

Here is a list of companies that hire you to work at home as a bookkeeper or accountant. Not all of them hire throughout the year. So keep a close tab on the open positions and choose the ones that best fit your profile.

1. Accounting Department

  • Experience: Required. Mentioned separately under each job category
  • Country: US only

Sign up for job alerts and check out the open positions they have. There is an option to submit a general application as well.

2. Bookminders

  • Experience: 5 years
  • Country: US only

This company offers both part and full-time offers. They require candidates who can travel locally and should work within the proximity of their physical locations in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

3. Intuit

  • Experience: Required. Mentioned separately under each job category
  • Country: Open to many countries

They have job openings for many departments on their page. You can choose to work as a tax advisor for Intuit. Also, if you are bilingual in Spanish, it is a plus. Choose ‘Tax Support’ under Job category.\

4. Bateman & Co

  • Experience: 3 years
  • Country: US only. They prefer Texas residents if possible

Check out their employment page for opportunities. They have part-time positions open sometimes for student interns as well.

5. BidaWIZ

  • Experience: 2 years
  • Country: Work from anywhere. No restrictions mentioned on the site

They require individuals that have a CPA or Enrolled Agent Licensure. Also, applicants must hold a U.S degree from an accredited university. Those who hold non-U.S degrees may be considered on a case by case basis.

6. ClickAccounts

  • Experience: No specifications on the site
  • Country: No restrictions mentioned

Send in your resume at the email address provided in their ‘Careers’ link. ClickAccounts provides services like bill payments, bank reconciliation, QuickBooks and other accounting services.

7. Peopleperhour

  • Experience: Depends on the job listings
  • Country: Open to many countries

There are many job openings for bookkeepers posted by clients at this popular job board. Pitch your proposal for the openings that suit you. Clients also have the option to reach out to freelancers directly to request a proposal.

8. ClickNwork

  • Experience: No specifications on the site
  • Country: No restrictions mentioned

Send in your resume at the email address provided in their ‘Careers’ link. ClickAccounts provides services like bill payments, bank reconciliation, QuickBooks and other accounting services.

9. FirstData

  • Experience: Yes
  • Country: Worldwide

Apply for the open position that interests you. Submit your resume and fill a questionnaire as part of the application process. They provide you with an id to check the status of your application.

10. SmartBooks

  • Experience: Not mentioned on the site
  • Country: US only

Most of the job roles are remote and provide generous benefits. The job responsibility includes bookkeeping, sales tax filing, accounting services, and financial reporting. Check their current roles to look for openings that suit you.

11. Robert Half

  • Experience: Yes
  • Country: US only

Robert Half provides numerous accounting and financial services to their clients. They have offices throughout US. They require professionals with who can provide specialized services.

12. Corptax

  • Experience: Not mentioned on the site
  • Country: US only

Corptax provides tax solutions and other professional services. They have offices across Illinois, Texas, and California and Chicago. On their job listing page, look for positions marked as ‘Remote’.

13. Acuity

  • Experience: Yes
  • Country: US only

Their open positions show locations in Atlanta, GA only. You can work from wherever as long as you participate in a team meeting once a week. Job responsibilities include bill payments, bookkeeping functions, payroll transactions and other financial reporting.

14. Crawford

  • Experience: Required. Mentioned under each job category
  • Country: Open Worldwide

Choose the right location before you apply for a career at Crawford. They have offices throughout the world. Accountant positions require applicants to hold a Bachelor’s degree and have prior working experience.

15. HPC

  • Experience: Yes
  • Country: US only

HPC offers flexible remote positions for tech-savvy accounting professionals. Submit your resume and apply for positions like tax assistant, accounting associate, data scientist and so on.

16. PWC

  • Experience: Not mentioned on the site
  • Country: Worldwide

PWC has locations in as many as 157 countries. Their accounting services include bookkeeping, auditing and filing financial statements. They offer flexible opportunities but do keep in mind that these may vary depending on the country.

17. HireAthena

  • Experience: Yes
  • Country: US only

They have openings for remote positions that provide good compensation and benefits. HireAthena gives you an opportunity to learn and grow while working in a competitive environment.

18. LiveCA

  • Experience: 1 Year
  • Country: Canada

You are expected to keep the clients’ financial records up to date using the accounting software Xero and provide bookkeeping support. Your salary could range from $35000 to $55000+ as per their application form.

19. Online Bookkeeping

  • Experience: Not mentioned specifically on the site
  • Country: US and Canada

There are no bookkeeping jobs available at this time but do check back regularly to check if there are any open job listings. The services this company provides include payroll, accounting, tax preparation, business analysis and so on.


If you are serious about building a new career in this field, it will be a good idea to invest in yourself and build your tech skills a bit.

There are plenty of free online courses that could give you a headstart. And also familiarize with popular tools like Xero and Quickbooks.

The average pay is around $20-$50 an hr. Every company has its own requirements for accounting or bookkeeping jobs. Please do read the pre-requisites before you apply.

You may not have open positions throughout the year. So, the best bet is to keep a lookout for the ones you are interested in.

If you would rather opt for freelance positions, Indeed and Flexjobs are a good place to start.

Hope you enjoyed this post! If you know of any other companies that offer remote accounting and booking jobs, leave a comment below. Let’s discuss 🙂

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