September’17 Month And Blog Recap (With Stats)

There are 2 months in the year that I absolutely love – September, the festive month and December, the month of hope & happiness.

There is another reason September is special. It’s my birthday month 🙂

To add on to all the celebrations, we had a wedding in the family. So, I spent the last month meeting up with all my cousins, having some crazy family drama, decorating the house for Onam (that’s the harvest festival celebrated in Kerala), shopping for the traditional wedding party wear and hoping this month would never end.

I wish I had taken some high-quality pics for Onam that I could share with you here. Onam is a damn colorful festival and everything looks so beautiful around that time. Maybe, will take some pics to share next time.

I had not been home for the festival for past 2 years. So my parents were super happy to have me and my college-going sis home at the same time.

Enough of my reminiscing. Let’s talk about the work I accomplished in September.

(If you would like to read only the blog report, skip the month recap and scroll to the bottom)

Amongst all this craziness, I did manage to put in 6 hrs of work a day. And the month was fantastic!

September Income Report And Blog Recap

Sep’17 Month Recap


I am working as mapping analyst for Lionbridge for the past few months. In a week, I am expected to put in min 10 hrs for Lionbridge. Due to constant traveling, I lost more than a week due to some bug on my end.

I was expecting to be kicked off the program for not meeting my targets. But the team at Lionbridge is very supportive. They heard me out and gave me solutions to fix the damn bug. After that, things returned to normal.

And let’s not forget.

Sep’17 Freelance Income: $44

Oct Goals: I will be putting in 20 hrs each week for Lionbridge. No more missing weekly targets.

Email List

Email marketing has been on my list since Aug. I finally started reading up on materials from experts.

And, I am overwhelmed.

I had no idea how important it is to build a list and there is so much to learn. I could kick myself for thinking I could learn about email marketing, monetization, affiliate marketing, social media techniques…all in one month. Me and my over-ambitious goals!

But, no worries! It is really interesting to study email marketing and I am totally enjoying it. So I will dedicate some time in October to try out different techniques. You know, trial and error!

I can’t wait to start building a list. More than anything, I would love to have a conversation with my readers and help them in any way I can.

Oct Goals: Start working on list building techniques


The universe, in a move that totally surprised me, sent me my Sandbox invite. Sandbox is a coveted program for testers at uTest that requires you to pass at the top 30% of the class. And this, I managed to do.

I had been waiting 4 months for this invite, as passing it means I am eligible for more paid projects in the future. Hurray! My patience totally paid off.

Within a week of passing the Sandbox, I was invited to an academy cycle that helps improve our efficiency in finding bugs and writing test cases.

They also have an open project board where we are free to apply if we meet the project criteria. I applied to a couple of these and am waiting to hear back from them.

Oct Goals: Be active on uTest and apply for every project I am eligible for. Complete courses as and when possible.


This is the greatest part of blogging. Meeting people like me online and knowing that I am not alone in this struggle. I contacted a couple of fellow bloggers, read some of their fabulous posts and commented on many of their posts.

Man! We have some truly talented people out there. I made it a point to comment only when I felt there was an absolutely amazing takeaway from their stories. Spamming their posts is just not my style.

I love the way some of them write. It is so from the heart. I hope I am able to write like that someday.

I digress. Back to networking.

I make a note of all the blogs that I comment on simply to see if the blogger would get back to me if it was a question I posted amongst other things. And, few of them did. I just love them for that and I became a regular reader of those who did.

Oct Goals: Continue with 10 comments a week and build relationships.


I pin every day without fail. 50 pins a day. That’s my target. I scour the net to find articles that interest me and is related to my niche for about 2 hrs every day.

Every alternate day, I would post 10 pins from my blog.

I did not seem much traffic from Pinterest the first 22 days. But while I was reading up on email list building techniques, a blogger suggested adding rich pins that are color themed to match my site.

I chose my color palette, headed over to Canva and created simple images that took almost no time at all. Pinned them and waited…

My pinterest and blog traffic exploded.

More on this amazing phenomenon in the blog recap below. Read on 🙂

Oct Goals: Continue experimenting with Pinterest and pin 50 posts a day.

Blog Recap Sep’17

Because of oh, just so much happening in September, I hardly had time to focus on blog goals. But I did manage to learn more about email list building. I got so hooked, I started reading up all the stuff I could find using Pinterest as my search engine for email marketing.

In the meanwhile, I continued experimenting with Pinterest. When I finally implemented the above tactic, my blog traffic all but tripled.

And all without writing a single blog post in September.

I had seen a slow to almost no increase in traffic in the last 2 months. Even though the traffic is not outstanding even now, I am getting good amount of views when compared to the previous months.

Here is a traffic trend from Pinterest to my blog for September.

How I Got Blog Traffic Increase From Pinterest

Here is my 3-month blog traffic trend data.

It is not much but as long as it is an upward trend, I am happy.

3 Month Blog Traffic Comparison With Stats

As you can see, 76% of my traffic comes from Pinterest.

What I did differently:

  • Changed my blog layout by picking a color palette to match the blog style
  • Changed the time I pin my posts to 7.00 pm-11.00 pm, my time (IST)
  • I increased my blog pins from 10 to 20+ and pinned them at different timings in batches
  • So that my followers are not overwhelmed, I pinned my blog content on alternate days only
  • Continued to make sure that other content I was pinning were relevant by opening the pages and doing a quick scan to confirm they are valid pages (some pins lead to random websites that have nothing to do with that pin)
  • Pinned other content in the morning around 7.00 am – 10.00 am, my time (IST). For some reason, I was getting followers this way

I will continue experimenting with Pinterest and see where it goes from there.

Most Popular Posts for Sep’17

Blog Money? I have no plans to monetize this blog unless I have tried and successfully tested blog traffic techniques. I never realized list building is such an important piece of that puzzle.

So, going forward I will dedicate myself to understand the in-depth nitty-gritty before I can start helping you, my beloved readers, on building a blogging career from home.

Oct Goals: Research more on list building techniques. Write more posts as per content plan.

What’s Next?

I will dedicate this month to making some extra income through side hustles. So, I am not adding any new goals for Oct as I will have my plate full with the above goals and other side income ideas. Looking forward to another good month.

How was your month? Is there something you would like to discuss? Go ahead and flood the comment section below. I would love to hear from you.

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