Sites That Pay Writers With No Experience

So, you are new to freelance writing. You have plenty of ideas and have dreamed up a whole future, writing your way to riches. You read blog after blog about success stories and start looking for the perfect writing gig.

You soon notice that many of the sites are looking for seasoned writers, while others accept only native English speakers. You know you have the skill and want to develop it further. But are there any companies willing to pay someone with no experience? And slowly the fear creeps in.

Write For these sites that pay writers with zero experience

Don’t worry! We all start somewhere. If you are a new freelancer looking for writing opportunities online, look no further.

Here, you will find a list of sites that could help you launch your writing career online. And the best part?

They accept worldwide members.

 1. iWriter

This is an absolutely user-friendly site that is open to everyone who wants to try their hand at writing. Work is available in plenty during peak hours. So be quick to grab the assignments that you are interested in and start writing.

Payment method: Paypal

The initial pay for standard writers is as low as $1 – $2.5. But you can work your way up to $30-$50 per article with due diligence and hard work.

2. Zerys

Known as a well-respected business in the field of content marketing, Zerys is also one of the better paying sites compared to its competitors. There is a sample that you have to submit at the time of application based on which you are rated.  Work is assigned to an open job board. Be quick about it as work is not very regular.

Payment method: Paypal

Pay rates are determined by clients for each job. The better you write, you have an opportunity to improve your rating and hence your pay. If the quality of your work is appreciated, you might get direct orders from clients as well.

3. WriterBay

A site that boasts a large variety of writing jobs. Set your own schedule and start earning. This site does require you to pass a proficiency test, sample essay and you need to upload an education certificate as well.

Payment method: Paypal, Payoneer, Global Bank Transfer, Webmoney

As per their website, their top earners have earned $3000-$6000 a month(at the time of writing this post). Not bad, huh? But as per employee feedback found online, do note that some of their assignments require in-depth research and extensive knowledge.

4. WriteLearnEarn   – this site is closed now

WLE is an article marketplace that accepts articles on any topic written as per their guidelines. The article is marketed after being reviewed for quality. The site also has documented hot topics and the articles that have been sold recently.

Payment method: Paypal

The best thing about them is that they rate your articles and provide feedback in the form of quality scores. You have an opportunity to earn $4-$15 per 500 words based on the quality score for your article. A problem area is there is no guarantee when the article will get sold.

5. Media Shower

Media shower is an extremely reputed writing platform that has 100s of jobs available, particularly blogs and content that help their clients boost site traffic and ratings. The site is very different from your regular content mill. You will need to apply with your resume.

Payment method: Paypal, Cheque (U.S only), Direct bank transfer

The pay per article is $25. The site has been around for years and is known for a strong support for its writers.

6. Textmaster

You can become a translator, proofreader or copywriter based on your interest at Textmaster. There are different levels or tiers once you are approved to work for them. They require a resume and you will have to pass few tests like writing a copy, correcting a sample or translating a given text.

Payment method: Paypal

The pay depends upon the job & the quality of your work and looks like it varies between $.15-$1.5 per word. Based on reviews that I found online, the site has a user-friendly platform that provides high-quality work.

7. Green Light Articles

They require writers to produce high-quality content for their client’s blogs and articles. At the time of registration, a resume, skype id and a sample article are required.

Payment method: Paypal, Payza

I could not find many reviews regarding this business apart from a couple of employees who work onsite. The pay seems to be pretty low and work does not seem to be regular sometimes either. But it does seem to be a good start for freelancers looking to get some experience writing.

The above-mentioned sites are few of the places that can be used as an initial launch pad by writers with zero experience. All these sites are also open to writers who may not have English as their native language. All you have to do is focus on producing high-quality content within the assigned timeline and you are good to go.

Do leave your comments if you feel I have missed any other well-known sites that pay international writers.

Looking for more opportunities to earn a living by writing to your heart’s content? Feel free to browse through the Write To Earn space on this blog!

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