How To Rock Time Management When You Work At Home

Time management is a huge concern for every individual today. So many things are crammed onto our to-do list and we still end up not meeting our goals.

It seemed so easy when I started working from home. I was thrilled that I could set my own time and do not have to follow anyone else’s schedule. I am my own boss after all. Soon after, I succumbed to temptations and binge-watched shows after shows (What up, Game Of Thrones?).

By the time I pulled myself together, the deadlines were creeping up on me.

Real Ways To Improve Productivity While Working From Home

There is no exact formula for managing time that works for one and all. Here are few tricks that have been applied by some amazing work at home moms and other entrepreneurs who run a home business along with a full-time job. They help you to both save time and increase productivity.

1. Journal Your Time

This tip is on top of my list because it has been the most helpful in bringing my schedule under control.

Most of you may already have a to-do list and it is worth your time to assess it again. Tracking your activities helps you eliminate stuff that adds no value to your goal and also tells you when you are more productive during the day.

I use a simple excel with formulas to track my time. There are few apps that you can use for the same.

Today, I am able to review my activities against my goals and plan better.

2. Prioritize Your To-Do List

I made the mistake of cramming too much stuff on my weekly and monthly to-do list. Then I sat about assigning time for each activity to be completed. I quickly realized I would have to spend a

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