WLE (Write Learn Earn) Review

Not many paid writing sites are open to those who are not native English speakers. The ones that accept writers from around the globe, mostly pay pennies.

And so, it came as a pleasant surprise when I read about WLE while browsing through forums to find more legit sites that pay international writers per post.

The first thing I did was to check the legitimacy of the site and read reviews by various users. My search turned up a whole lot of positive reviews though there were a couple of dissatisfied ones too.

My Review Of WLE

I will define WLE as an article market that allows you to write about any topic that you want as long as it is original and unique. Once I figured out that the site was indeed trustworthy and welcomes writers from almost all countries, I decided to register and test it out.


All you need is a valid email address. There are no tests or lengthy application process. You will receive an email from them to verify and you are in.

Once you are in, take your time to go through the article guidelines, hot topics (the ones most likely to sell quickly) and understand how your articles will be rated.

How WLE Works?

The concept is simple.

You write an article on any topic that you like. WLE reviews your article and provides it a quality score and you are given feedback if your article needs improvement. If it is written well enough, then your article is sent to the market to sell. You do not need to negotiate with clients or worry about setting rates. It is all managed by the site.

What Is Pay Like?

Payment is made through PayPal and payments are made twice a month. The minimum payout is $5. They also have the option to pay through Western Union. For Western Union, the payout minimum is $20.

Articles are sold at fixed rates. The better you write, higher your article is rated. You can earn anywhere between $4.50 to $15 based on the quality of your article.

If your article has been on the market for some time, you also have the option of Instant sale where you sell your article immediately for a much much lesser price. I did hear that due to this option being misused by few users, there were some changes made. You may not find this option immediately.

Pros (What I love about WLE)

  • Open to writers in over 200 countries and not just native English speakers
  • No prior experience required to submit posts
  • Write on any topic that you want
  • User-friendly interface
  • Prompt response from admin on any query
  • Guidelines on what is expected from writers is well detailed to help you achieve higher quality scores
  • Feedback system in place to help improve your writing
  • They even have a section that details out what are the hot topics that can help you brainstorm your next unique article
  • Based on quality scores, they make it easy to understand how much your article will be sold for


  • There is no guarantee as to when your article will be sold. Sometimes it might take few months
  • The rates at which articles are sold are not great but when we compare it to other similar writing sites that pay pennies, I think this negative could be canceled out

Final Thoughts on WLE

It is an excellent platform for newbie freelancers who want to try their hand at writing articles. You will be more confident as there is someone who will review your articles and help you correct your mistakes. The more you are open to learning from mistakes, the better your writing will become. Apart from this, not many sites provide such transparency in pay.

I would recommend both new and experienced freelancers to try out this site and see the benefits for yourself. You should not expect to earn a living by just writing for WLE. But it will definitely be one of those writing sites that will help you along the way.

For those who are interested, go ahead and apply.

Update: WLE is closed now.

2 Responses to “WLE (Write Learn Earn) Review

  • It was great reading your review. Personally, I have worked on writelearnearn. Though they accept articles on any topic, your article needs to read authentically and provide helpful content to the end-user. They do not accept encyclopedic content, academic works or fictional stories. They are looking for online articles that would provide insight to a reader.

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