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Proofreading and editing jobs are not just a side hustle. They can be your ticket to full-time freelancing if you have an eagle-eye for detail and flawless grammar skills.

The massive amount of content being produced these days means there is a definite rise in demand for proofreaders and editors. These jobs are flexible and mostly can be done on any device. The content involved could be anything from academic essays or journals to blog posts or even emails.

Get Paid To Work From Home Proofreading and Editing Content

Where can I find these proofreading and editing jobs online?

I have listed 35 legit sites below that offer these jobs that you can work from the comfort of your home.

Since impeccable English language skill is of utmost importance, you may have guessed by now that not all of these sites are open to worldwide members. Few sites require experienced professionals while others accept beginners too.

Check out these sites and see what works for you-

ProofreadingServices.comYou need to pass a 20 min preliminary test. Pay is mentioned as above U.S average hourly wage. Prior experience requirement not mentioned. Open worldwide

Scribendi – 3 years experience along with native-level English ability required. You are asked to submit samples and pass a language test.  Possibility of earning $10-$15 per hour. Payment is through PayPal. Open worldwide

Cactus Communications – Requirement: Ph.D./Masters/Bachelors degree in any of the specialized area mentioned on the site. They are not hiring freelancers from the state of New York now. Based on project availability, potential to earn $1200 to $3000 per month. Open worldwide

Kibin – They are not always hiring. If you subscribe, they will let you know when they have editor positions available. There is an entrance quiz that tests you on style guides and other areas of interest. Top editors reportedly get paid to edit essays for about $400 an hr. Pay could increase over time depending on the editor level, doc length, and deadline. Possibly open worldwide

Domainite – Edit a sample to show off your skills. No prior experience required. Pay is $0.25 per 100 words. Payment is through PayPal. Open worldwide

Book In A Box – Sign up and receive updates on job openings. This is not a traditional editing job and looks like experienced professionals are required. Editors are involved in interviewing the authors as well as translating the interview to manuscripts in the author’s’ voice. Reports show pay of $40-$50 per hr approx. I could not find any reports of it accepting editors worldwide

Gramlee – This company, though popular among proofreaders and bloggers, does not have many reviews online. They charge clients two cents per word but pay for editors is not mentioned on the site

Purecontent – Submit your resume and if approved, you will be asked to edit a short test article. You can apply both as a writer and an editor. They offer payments through PayPal and direct bank deposits. Open worldwide

ProofreadingPal – To apply, you either need to have proofreading/editing experience of minimum 5 years or you need to be enrolled in an accredited U.S university. Editors can earn $500 to $3,000 per month. Open worldwide

EditFast – You need prior experience to apply and you need to pass a test as well on registering. Payment is through PayPal. Editfast receives 40% of the project price. It does not specify anything about native English speakers, so possibly accepts editors worldwide

Wordsru – You need to have 2 years of professional experience and they have further qualifications listed on their website. Payments are discussed with potential editors personally and hence, is not noted on the site. Open worldwide

Onespace – This site offers shorts tasks as well as copyediting and writing jobs. You are required to complete certain qualification tests. No specific professional experience required to apply. Payment is made through PayPal and payments are processed daily. Open worldwide

Wordy – Editor registrations have been paused till Q4 of 2017. In the meantime, you can familiarize yourself with their style guide as you will be required to pass an online test. Pay is noted as €7.2 for 400 words. Depending on your speed, you have the potential of earning close to €3/hr. You need to be a native English speaker

Wordvice – Minimum two years’ professional editing experience required. You also need to be familiar with the style guides. There are positive reviews about this company but I could not find much information on their pay rates. Open to multiple countries

Wordfirm (Managed Editing) – Minimum qualifications include at least 5 years of editing experience, a college degree and more. They have mentioned on their site that location is not a factor and hence accept editors possibly worldwide

Sibia Proofreading – They are not always hiring. You need to have a degree and should be a highly qualified editor. You need to submit a web form along with your resume. You also need to be a native English speaker

Hello Essay – You are required to be a native English speaker and have significant editing experience. You must be familiar with the APA, MLA, and Chicago and are required to be a college graduate

ProofreadNow – They are not always hiring but you can sign up for employment emails. You need to pass few editing tests and are required to have 5 years of proofreading experience. Open worldwide – Applicants must have 5+ years editing experience and need to pass an entry test. You should be ready to commit 1-year minimum to them. Pay is not mentioned on the site, but I found a review elsewhere that says pay depended on the freelancer’s experience and rates. Open to US members only

American Journal Experts – Members are required to have completed or are completing a Masters, Ph.D. or M.D. degree from a prestigious university in the U.S. Online review by one editor says that pay is around $30 for articles between 1500-3000 words and $40 for 3000-6000 words. Open to US members only

StudioD – Minimum 2 years work experience is required with proficiency in the AP style guide. The payment is $3.50 for 300-500 word article and most editors earn $20 to $25 hourly. Payment is made through PayPal. Possibly worldwide

Editor World – You need a Bachelor’s degree and some editing experience. You are also required to be a native English speaker. I could not find any reviews by employees about this site though clients have been praising their service

English Trackers – Openings are currently closed but you can check back later. You are required to have a min. 2 years professional academic editing experience, need to be a native English speaker and be familiar with AP, Chicago, MLA, APA etc. Pay is via PayPal.

Polished Paper – This site will ask you to upload your resume and complete a questionnaire. You can refer to the different formatting guides for the test. If you pass, senior editors will supervise your work for accuracy and if approved, you will be given solo work. Possibly worldwide as I could not find any restrictions

Kirkus Media – To apply as a freelance editor, email your resume and include credentials to They are looking for experienced editors, who are well-versed in Chicago Manual of Style and Merriam-Webster. Possibly worldwide

Textmaster – No prior experience required for proofreaders. Textmaster offers writing and translation services as well. Work is not consistent. Payment is made through PayPal or Payoneer. Open worldwide

Scribbr – You need some experience editing texts or at least have a bachelor’s degree or higher. You also need to commit to at least 10 hrs work per week. Pay is €20 – €25 per hour. Open worldwide

Babbletype – The job involves transcription proofreading, which means you will have access to the audio and the transcript. The pay is $0.15 per recorded minute. You need to be a native English speaker. No other qualifications are mentioned. Payment is made through PayPal

Edit911 – Only candidates with a Ph.D. in English or any other writing discipline, teachers, published authors and, book editors may apply. You need to email them your resume with a sample. Possibly open worldwide

Prompt – Editors are called feedback sages at Prompt. You will have to fill up an application form describing your experience and educational background. Pay is $20-28/hour. Possibly open worldwide – All applications are currently on hold. But you can enter your details on the site so that they can let you know when they have openings again. Past experience is not required but you need to be a native English speaker

EditMyEnglish – You need to upload your resume. Editors get paid 60% of the amount charged to the client. At a minimum, they require U.S citizens but have mentioned they accept editors from all over the world

Enago– You will be asked to upload your resume and edit a sample. 5 years of relevant experience required. They prefer editors with Master’s/Ph.D./postdoctoral research, ESL editing experience and also familiarity with style guides. Possibly open worldwide

EditorLive – They accept applicants from living anywhere as long as they work at a U.S firm, be enrolled or are accredited at a university in the U.S, have 5 years of professional editing experience. You are also required to complete few tests after filling the application. I found that the application at leads directly to EditorLive. Just thought will add that as a note.

IAPWE – They are not always hiring. The pay is around $.08 cents per word. You do not require prior experience. You have the option to become a paid member to improve your chances of getting job opportunities on the site. Open worldwide

Need more? Here are few more companies that you may want to check out- Lifetips, Academic English EditingPacific Metrics

Woohoo! That’s a long list! Hope few of these sites help you to build a work at home proofreading/editing career online or at least help you get your foot in the door if you are looking to build experience as a professional proofreader.

I will be happy to regularly update this post for you if I find any changes.

Work may not be available throughout the day. So, I suggest applying to several of these sites that suit your profile to maximize your earning potential.

Are you familiar with any of these sites? Let’s discuss in the comments below 🙂

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